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Here is how to join us:

Applications for Believe With Me must be completed by August 31st to be included in any projects for that year. Applications made after August 31st will NOT be reviewed, verified by staff or included for Christmas until the following July.

Step 1

Create an Account

Using your email address you will create a password and begin to create an account. This account will give you access to our application process.

Step 2

Submit an Application

Applications are vital to our process of welcoming families into our Gold Star community. Here is what to expect:

  • We will ask details about you, your service member, and any dependents of the service member you wish to add.
  • We want to learn about your family through photos and a brief story.
  • We will ask that you upload documents required to verify your information.
Step 3

Believe With Me reviews your application

The Believe With Me team will review your application and notify you if any additional clarification or documents are necessary. Updated status will follow via email.

Step 4

Update Annually

Once your application is approved, yearly updates (address verification, Christmas wish list, etc.) are required from Aug 1 - Aug 31 for continued service through our organization.