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Before You Begin

Applications for Believe With Me must be completed by August 31st to be included in any projects for that year. Applications made after August 31st will NOT be reviewed, verified by staff or included for Christmas until the following July.

Thank you for applying to Believe With Me's Gold Star Family registration. This is the FIRST part of a TWO STEP process. This APPLICATION is the first step BEFORE your family can be approved for any of our programs.

We serve ALL MANNER of military deaths: Killed In Action, Killed In Training, PTSD Suicide, and service-connected illness or accidents.

We serve children and dependents of fallen soldiers up to the age of 25.

A dd1300 that includes each dependent's name and date of birth. You can upload each child's dd1300 separately or one dd1300 that has each child's name and birthdate included. If your dd1300 does NOT include birthdates, you MUST include a birth certificate per dependent as well as the dd1300.

If you do NOT have a dd1300, you MUST submit ALL of the following:

One type of proof of service such as a dd214, military ID or VA paperwork, dd2063 or proof of benefits.

Birth Certificates per dependent/child of the fallen soldier.

Death certificate of fallen soldier.

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